My entry into the world of fiber art was through the Houston Area Fiber Artists Organization in 1990.  I played a very active role in the organization until it's demise in 2014..Through the many programs and sharing of talents I learned the art of hand dyeing fabrics.  Already an accomplished seamstress I combined the two skills and Linda's Creative Couture was born!

I begin with a clean "canvas" of either black or white fabric, usually silk.  By using the many techniques of folding, tieing and clamping called Shibori I resist the fabric in a patterned way and then dye and possibly over dye it to get the desired results.

In the design and creation of a garment I try to listen to what this newly created fabric tells me it wants to be and I'm often surprised where this openness leads.  It can be a real adventure!

No other hands but mine go into the making of one of my garments.  My goal is to produce fine couture quality garments with artistic and creative elements that make them unmistakably one-of-a-kind and to find women who enjoy wearing my efforts as much as I do! 

Welcome to My World of Fiber Art

 With all the wonderful inspiring artists around me it wasn't long before I branched out into other forms of Fiber Art.  Hand dyed fabric remained the basis of my work but I began to combine it with digital work and sculptural forms​.